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Vendor Spotlight: Kinderfeets

May 30, 2017

Back in March, Kitty and I had a wonderful time attending Toy Fest West in Las Vegas.  We saw a lot of familiar faces, touched base with manufacturers we’ve been working with for ages, and checked out some exciting new items.  Today I want to share a brand new favorite with you all – Kinderfeets!

As we were walking through the convention, the Kinderfeets booth immediately caught our attention.  Their children’s bikes were simple, made of beautiful stained wood, and just adorable – especially the tiny bamboo trikes!  We struck up a conversation with Oscar and Carlijn, the owners.  Oscar is the designer behind the beautiful bikes; he created the first prototype after searching, to no avail, for the perfect push bike for his little son Sebastiaan.  Carlijn joined Oscar when the business got too big for just one person, but even though Kinderfeets has expanded to multiple countries, the two of them still run the show by themselves!  They are both so passionate and excited about their bikes, it was a joy to talk with them.Screen_Shot_2015-12-15_at_5.17.14_PM.png

Ever since that first bike, Kinderfeets has been expanding, and they now have a lovely collection of push bikes.  The Tiny Tot line, which includes the bamboo Tiny Tot in the picture above, is designed for littles as young as 12 months, and the Classic (pictured below) is usually best for ages 2-5.  Seat height is adjustable on all bikes.


And they’re not just beautiful, they’re also designed and built with the environment in mind.  The tires are airless and made of biodegradable rubber, which is good for the earth and safer for your little one – no flat tires!  The bikes are built from sustainably harvested birchwood, from a renewable source.  Kinderfeets uses minimal and completely recyclable packaging, and the laquer they use to finish their bamboo bikes is non-toxic.  And – this is my favorite part – Kinderfeets plants a tree for every bike they sell, in partnership with


What I really love about this business is that they’ve thought of everything from the kid’s perspective and the parent’s.  Not only are the bikes easy to ride, they’re light and easy to carry as well.  The chalkboard finish makes them moving canvases for little ones, with almost no mess to clean up.  And the accessories (basket or crate) are so much fun for kids to carry their things around in, and they’re also completely adorable!


At the conference, Kitty and I were also lucky enough to see two new prototypes that aren’t for sale just yet!  No spoilers, but let’s just say Kinderfeets is branching out – not just bikes anymore.  We can’t wait to share them when they come out!  Sign up for our newsletter in the right sidebar to be notified when they do (and get a $10 coupon)!


Have any questions about Kinderfeets?  If you own any of their bikes or accessories, what do you like about it, and what do you think could be better?  Let us know what you think!

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