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Kids Activities: The 4 Essential Corners of the Playroom

October 12, 2011

Whew! Was that a tornado whizzing through your living room or just your toddler as he gleefully abandons his previous diversion and rushes to search for another? It’s wonderful but tiring to keep up with those little kiddos who still need so much from their caregivers but increasingly benefit from independent, educationally rich activities. Creativity and learning are inextricably linked for toddlers in their everyday play. What can you do to keep them entertained and learning without leaving the house?  Here are four corners of your child’s “playroom” (let’s face it, they’ve taken over the whole house!) we recommend you try to spend some time in almost every day.

1. The Toy & Book Corner

Every kid-house has a toy corner, we don’t know about yours but ours gets pretty wild by the end of the day.  Sitting a toddler down in a comfy Laguna Chair or the Artists Rocker Chair (with you close by to read those wonderful books!) in a special book corner designed to help the child become immersed in the joys of simply browsing through a pile of high-interest books.

2. The Art Corner

When the book corner gets old, have no fear! Just wander over to the art corner where your toddler can sit down with you or by herself at the Art Table & Chair to do some artistic explorations with crayons, paints, stickers, glitter… whatever the ol’ art cabinet has in store! If the definition of creativity is “making new connections between experiences and information” then learning through artwork is a great bridge between knowledge and creativity.

3. The Activity Corner

Well, the art corner was fun for a little while but now your toddler is ready for something else. You probably figured this out by now, but your toddler (25-36 months) generally has an attention span that lasts 5-8 minutes! Try a toddler game with your little one. The brightly colored Primary Puzzle Train gets your little one using fine-motor skills and recognizing shapes, not to mention the spontaneous dialogue and storytelling that the puzzle can inspire. Open-ended games and activities are fun, intelligence-building and creative. Bust out the puppets, stuffed animals or dolls and stage a play in the Storytime Puppet Theater or the super-fun Kydz Castle. Toddlers aren’t too little to enjoy an impromptu performance and will probably surprise you with their inventiveness.

4. The Music Corner

Still have some energy left? Turn on the music and dance over to the music corner! Listening to music with your toddler gives him a chance to work on balance and movement and is a true joy-builder.  Your little one will soon have musical preferences and will enjoy choosing a genre of music. With or without the accompaniment on your stereo system, you can also encourage your child to play along, on the divinely drum-able Solid Drum or the totally playable Oval Xylophone.

Don’t be too disappointed if you don’t make it to all four corners of your toddler’s indoor play options in a single day.  Keep providing your toddlers with a rich array of experiences and they will continue to happily learn and grow!

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