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Waiting Room Toys: Creating a Great Play Space

July 25, 2011

The pediatrician, the bank, the car dealership – what do they have in common?  Customers usually have to wait awhile!  Providing a warm, friendly reception area for families while they are waiting for your services can go a long way toward creating a positive customer experience, so here are some questions you can consider to help make a functional, fun and inviting play space.

  1. How much space can you devote?  If you have a large area available, consider a small playhouse or play kitchen.  These can really engage kids for a longer time, and give them a sense of a place of their own.Outdoor Cottage Clubjouse by Kidkraft offered by Heirloom Wooden Toys
  1. Just a small corner?  A play cube can hold the attention of several kids at once in a minimal amount of space while a wall-mounted toddler toy can make use of a hallway or where floor space is at a premium.  A seating area with furniture for kids works well if you provide books or coloring supplies.Anatex play cubePathfinder Wall Panel by Anatex offered by Heirloom Wooden Toys
  1. Any small, removable parts?  Most toys are recommended for certain ages, and these recommendations are generally based on safety as well as developmental levels.  Look for toys rated for very young children to ensure there is no choking hazard, and never include toys with marbles or other small round objects.  Bead mazes and play cubes solve this problem neatly as there are no loose parts!  Inspect your toy collection regularly for loose or broken parts that may create a safety hazard.
  1. Are the toys easy to clean?  Kids aren’t known for being super sanitary all the time; in a doctor’s office especially some may be carrying nasty germs.  Clean the toys periodically with an antibacterial wipe or spray, and provide hand sanitizer for kids and parents.
  1. How will you keep the corner tidy?  If you have a collection of smaller toys, consider adding a well-made toy box or other method of toy storage to your play area.  (Make sure the toy box has special hinges that won’t pinch fingers or let the lid slam down.)  Then put toys away during the day so your corner looks fresh for the next round of munchkins.Mission Toy Box by Guidecraft offered by Heirloom Wooden ToysSort it & Store it Bin Unit by kidkraft offered by Heirloom Wooden Toys
  1. What’s your budget?  Keep in mind that a nice assortment of toys can be a bit of an investment, and that some of them may “walk away” from time to time.  Be prepared to replenish your toy corner to keep things fresh as well as to replace missing items.
  1. What’s your message?  If your business is green, make sure your toys reflect that.  A car dealership?  A collection of toy vehicles and a parking garage will complement your showroom nicely.  Interior designer?  A lovely dollhouse and Fraction Action Board by Guidecraft offered by Heirloom Wooden Toysfurnishings let the kids play along as you work with the parents.  Get creative and you’ll be surprised at what’s available!Designed by you Dollhouse by Maxim offered by Heirloom Wooden Toys

With a little consideration, you can easily create an interesting, engaging play space where kids can happily spend some time while waiting for Mom and Dad!  If you need help selecting toys, feel free to give us a call at (866) 202-8073.  Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help!

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