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Playing with your Children (or grandchildren) by Guest Blogger Louise Robertson

January 20, 2011

Ask questions to help you understand what your children are playing.

Play is a child’s work! If play is their work, then toys are their tools. While they may not be learning to read or compute, they’re learning the skills that allow their academic pursuits later to develop – imagination, sharing, resourcefulness, cooperation, problem solving, initiative, adaptability. One of the best parts of parenting (or grandparenting), is to participate at some level in their play. What can you do?

  • Observe.    Just watch your child play.  Which toy(s) do they choose?  What are they doing with the toy?  Is this something new and different?  Is the play imaginative or concrete?  What new wisdom are they creating?
  • Talk.     Spend time talking with your child as they play. Ask questions: What happened when you…? What might happen if you….? I wonder why it did that.  What might be the reason? Give specific compliments: That’s the fastest you’ve worked a puzzle ever!  Beautiful; I like that you mixed green and purple!
  • Help them learn new ways to play with the toys.     Help them sort or stack in a new pattern. Show them something about the toy they’ve not yet discovered.  Can you use it to empty and fill?  Push or pull?  Get them started then check back in to keep them going.
  • Enjoy.    Ah, maybe the best part is watching your child make new discoveries and inventions. Hearing the story they tell with the toy. Capturing the memories.


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