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Product Spotlight: World Discovery Box by Kitty Robertson Morse, Heirloom Wooden Toys

January 17, 2011
Large World Discovery Box available at Heirloom Wooden Toys

The large World Discovery Box comes complete with specimen set.

One of our favorite newer products is the World Discovery Box, a beautifully made wooden cabinet that comes complete with a set of fascinating specimens from the natural world.  We’ve sold lots of these to schools, and it makes a great family gift as well.  I recently received their newsletter describing how they started their company and thought you all might find it interesting – I sure did! 

Customers often ask us how we came up with the idea for the Discovery Box.  The idea was inspired about 6 years ago at the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History.  My wife, Dawn, is a biological anthropologist and was working at the Smithsonian. Her research lab was a windowless room down a long labyrinth of hallways upstairs above the museum exhibits. When our oldest son Kai was a baby, he would spend his days with mom in the research lab. Between his naps, Dawn would bring Kai down to the “Discovery Room” in the museum to let him crawl around and explore the baskets and drawers filled with fossils, rocks, and cultural items from around the world.  His curiosity and delight with these discoveries sparked an idea.  Dawn envisioned a home version of the Discovery Room centered around a small chest of drawers filled with natural specimens, cultural items, sensory objects and musical instruments. Voila, the Discovery Box was born.

If you are looking to buy a gift or toy for your child or grandchild, think of Heirloom Wooden Toys where we provide sustainable, safe wooden toys, games and furniture that will last for generations to come.  You can shop by Age, Price, Brand, or just browse hundreds of products for all kinds of kids.  Many of our products are Made in the USA so you can support businesses that are keeping jobs at home.  Looking for custom products?  We have a large selection of items that can be personalized or engraved with your name or message.  Free Shipping on orders over $99!  Contact Kitty Robertson Morse at or (866) 202-8073.

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