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Toys Powered By Imagination, No Batteries Required by Kitty Robertson Morse, Heirloom Wooden Toys

November 26, 2010

ImagiPlay's Toy Store in a Box available at

With the holidays approaching, I keep thinking back to those first Christmases with my children and the excitement of watching them open presents for the first time.  I had so much fun seeking out the ideal gift to get that perfect reaction and inspire hours of play.  I’m sure I’m not the only mama who watched her child cast aside the gift – so carefully selected – for the box it came in.  It seems even funnier now since so many of the toys we chose were equipped with lots of bells and whistles.  Dolls that talk, books that light up and teach the alphabet, even preschool versions of video games.  But, our kids were actually teaching us a very important lesson: the simplicity of the box.  It may have been empty, but actually it was powered with one of the most important qualities of a child, imagination.  It became a launching pad for a rocket, a garage for cars and trucks, a place to hide, a kitchen for dolls and guess what, no batteries required!

It’s easy to be attracted to the toys that light up and make cool noises, after all aren’t we adults a little addicted to technology ourselves?  We wait for the next generation of the iphone, debate between DVD and BluRay, research flat screen TVs with the highest resolution.  Electronic toys aren’t inherently bad, in fact there are many great educational toys geared towards teaching children early literacy or mathematics. But too much time spent on those activities means our kids miss growing crucial early childhood developmental skills such as creativity and imagination. Electronic toys most often engage our kids individually, so the child busy pressing buttons is not having cooperative play experiences with the kids in the wooden toy kitchen.  And when children play with electronic toys they are primarily reacting, or using the ideas of an adult toy or video game designer, and not initiating play or creating on their own.

Imagination and creativity are important element of growth in early childhood.  These qualities provide the foundation for reasoning, empathy, verbal skills and expression as well as organization.  Traditional toys that stimulate our children’s senses on all levels best nurture these qualities.  Ironically, these aren’t the toys that are the flashiest ones; they are actually the heirloom toys we played with as kids.  They are the wooden blocks that our kids love stacking and knocking down to hear the crash. They are the play kitchens full of the sounds of cooking made by our children and the board games and puzzles that help teach taking turns and following instructions. So this Christmas before you run out to buy the next “hottest” electronic toy take a moment to consider the beauty of the box.

The Toy Store in a Box - what's inside!

If you are looking to buy a gift or toy for your child or grandchild, think of Heirloom Wooden Toys where we provide sustainable, safe wooden toys, games and furniture that will last for generations to come.  You can shop by Age, Price, Brand, or just browse hundreds of products for all kinds of kids.  Many of our products are Made in the USA so you can support businesses that are keeping jobs at home.  Looking for custom products?  We have a large selection of items that can be personalized or engraved with your name or message.  Free Shipping on orders over $99!  Contact Kitty Robertson Morse at or (866) 202-8073.


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